Decorate My Mantel- Mitten Garland

Mitten Christmas Garland
I finished my first mantel project today.  A Christmas Mitten Garland.  It was simple, easy, and fun.
Christmas Mitten Garland
Mitten Garland MaterialsI started with a fleece scarf from the dollar store, some white felt, some rick rack left over from my vintage smock project and some twine.  Yes, this truly was a $1.00 project.
Fleece Mitten I cut mitten shapes out of the green fleece scarf, added a strip of white felt along the top, and embellished with a little rick rack.  A single line of stitching along the rick rack holds everything together.
Mitten Garland DetailI pierced holes in the top, and using the yarn fringe from the scarf, tied them to a piece of twine.
Mitten Garland
Christmas Mitten Garland
Project number one done!  I’m one step closer to having a decorated mantel by Thanksgiving.  It looks a bit lonely on its own, but I think it will be sweet when the rest of my mantel is decorated.
Christmas Mantel Color Inspiration
What should I make next?

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  1. Oh my gosh. That is too adorable! You could even add family member names across the white parts.

    Visiting from Weekend Wrap Up @ Tatertos & Jello

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