Pretty Plate Walls

September 23, 2010

For a while, I’ve been enamored with all the unique plate walls I’ve seen on the internet.

Plate Wall by Courtney Giles Traditional wall by Courtney Giles.  

Plate Wall by Lisa Congdon Funky, colorful wall in Lisa Congdon’s home via Apartment Therapy.

Plate Wall by Reese DixonAmbitious stair wall by Reese Dixon.

Plate Wall via Design Scouting Whimsical fish wall via Design Scouting

Plate Wall by Nesting PlaceCalm, serene arrangement by Nesting Place

plate wall via city sageI really love this monochromatic wall via The City Sage.

Until recently I always thought of plate walls as something my Grandma might have in her dining room.   But not any more.  I’m working on a plate wall for my Master Bedroom.   I’ll have pics in a couple of days!

Plate walls are not just for Grandmas anymore.  What do you think?


  1. I love all of the pictures, it would be hard to pick a favorite. I am a plate addict, I have way to many. At one time I even had some hanging in my bathroom!Can't wait to see your completed plate wall!

  2. love this idea! i want to do this to my staircase i think!

  3. Look forward to seeing the plate wall in your master bedroom. I have collected quite a few ironstone pieces that I want to hang like the bottom two pictures. Thanks for the inspiration and motivation to get me working on that!

  4. I have been shopping around for plates for my dining room wall...let me know if you have any good stores for finding them...seems like when you are looking for something specific, you never can find what you are looking for!

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