My Craigslist Dresser

craigslist dresser Meet my new dresser.  Isn’t she pretty?
So sorry about the dismal photo, but it’s been raining here all week, and I just can’t seem get a decent photo of this piece!  I should have taken photos last weekend when we were having a sunny winter heat wave and temps were nearly 80 degrees. 
110205_2010I started with this super long (78 inches!), super heavy, monster from the 1960’s.    I bought her for a song from a nice older couple who were downsizing, but had lovingly cared for their furniture all these years.   This piece was really well built, sturdy and perfect for replacing my too-small bedroom dresser.
dovetail drawers and heavy brass hardwareShe had dovetail joined drawers and super heavy, nice brass hardware.   And lots and lots of storage space!!
Walnut dresser topI started by stripping the top and staining it a dark walnut.
Creamy paint, distressing and glazeI used Sherwin Williams “Creamy” color-matched in Behr satin paint with primer.  Then I distressed, glazed and finished it off.   
I used so many of the guidelines Mandie presents in her Altar’d Guide to Painting Furniture.  I highly recommend it if you’re thinking of redoing some furniture.  
distressed dresser I did WAY more distressing than I usually do.  I just kind of got going and got carried away.   Then I stepped back and gasped.  My husband (who doesn’t even feel comfortable painting wood furniture) nearly had a heart attack.   He likes how it all came together though, and I think the end product is really pretty.
I painted the brass hardware with an Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint.
My Craigslist Dresser
Redone Craigslist DresserI love the way it turned out and I LOVE having all of this storage!
Have you ever bought and revamped a Craigslist piece? 

27 thoughts on “My Craigslist Dresser

  1. it looks beautiful!

    i have painted an old dresser, turquoise actually, for my craft room! not from craiglist, but from an estate sale! loved every minute of it and plan on doing it two more times!

  2. Absolutely beautiful!! You did a gorgeous job!! Craigslist is one of my neat places to find great items from too!


  3. Love it! I love the top! I haven't been brave enough to stain a piece. I usually paint the whole thing…but this is amazingly beautiful! You really did a fantastic job. I'm always going 'treasure' its on Craigslist or a garage sale….it's so fun to turn things into the beautiful pieces they were meant to be!!!!

  4. It's just lovely! You did a wonderful job and I think the extra distressing gives it loads of character!
    Nice work!
    Best Wishes and Blessings
    Amanda – Girl in Pink

  5. That looks fantastic! I to am addicted to Craigslist and I still proud of the incredible persian rug I found on there for a steal. Beautiful makeover.

  6. I think I would have passed the dresser up but you made it into such a beautiful piece. I need to remember to take a second look. Great job!

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