Stenciled Sugar Bowl

It’s been very cold and very wet here in Northern California.  Lately, we’ve had an invasion of credit:  http://kishorksharma.files.wordpress.comAnts. Everywhere.  I don’t think they much like the weather so they’re looking for a warm place to stay. Siena Sugar BowlThis sugar bowl is one of my favorite items in my kitchen.  My husband and I bought it in Siena on a trip to Italy ten years ago.   Unfortunately, the ants like it too. 
I needed a temporary ant-proof sugar bowl until we can get these little buggers under control.
I found this inexpensive air-tight and ant-tight storage container at Wal-Mart.   It’s a Flip-Tite container from Better Homes and Gardens.stenciled sugar bowl Using my newly acquired Silhouette Cutting Tool, I stenciled on a simple design.
Italian Stenciled Sugar Bowl In a nod to my Italian sugar bowl, I also stenciled the Italian word for sugar. my backyard eden I couldn’t forget Spanish and French as well. Ant Tight Sugar Bowl But the best part is the air-tight, ant-tight lid! 

Have you had any uninvited invaders this winter?

9 thoughts on “Stenciled Sugar Bowl

  1. No ants this year, thank heavens. We had them a few years ago, and learned the airtight storage trick. Everything opened, even in the pantry, goes in a Zip-lock bag or other container. The only place they nover invaded was the 'frig!

  2. Love the sugar container. Here is a tip for your ant problem–instant grits. I have had ants appear 2 times and both times I sprinkled some instant grits down for them and it work like a charm. Google it, you will find why it works.

  3. This past October, a week before our daughter's wedding (at our home), we had an invasion of flying ants. They were everywhere – even in our beds and between our pillows and pillow cases. We usually use "organic" homemade mixtures to get rid of any pests, but this time, I'd had it! We called in the professionals and it took them two visits to get rid of all of them. I vacuumed for several days before all of the dead critters were gone from the house. What a week!

  4. My guy & I have had non-stop bug problems since we moved to Austin, TX, this past March. The bugs have for the most part been sugar ants and "tree roaches" (apparently roaches really like TX). Sugar ants have become the bane of my existence, frankly. I –hate– bugs and become obsessed when I find any in my home.

    We have had a break from bugs this winter, thank goodness for my sanity's sake, but in spring, summer, and fall they take over. The only thing I have found that prevents them from coming back to whatever spot I find them swarming is orange-scented cleaner. I use ANY orange-scented product I can find. And because I freak out whenever ants or any bug is found in my home, I also spray obsessively around the outside of wherever they might come into the house. So far no new eyes or arms growing on us because of the mass load of chemicals I spray everywhere. 😉

    If you come up with some other ways to keep ants out, let me know. The all-natural methods I have found on the net have not worked at all for me.

  5. We get giant carpenter ants up at our cabin in the mountains- gross! I love that you didn't just grab a container, you made it super darling!

  6. no ant invaders here, but great job with the stenciling! i want a silouhette soo bad:( ahh one day…man i need to hit up my walmart and look for those containers, they look handy!

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