Fall To Do List: Plant Indoor Bulbs

If you want some wonderful indoor color this winter, now is the time to plant indoor bulbs.  I plant amaryllis every year.  It’s so much fun watching them grow.  Some days, I swear you can almost see them growing right before your eyes.

Amaryllis bulbs ready to plant You can pick up indoor bulbs at any home or garden store.  They come in several different colors, but I like the Red Lion variety the best.
planting indoor bulbsThese bulbs are easy to grow.  Plant each bulb pointed end up, root end down, with the top just above the soil surface.  Make sure you work the soil down around the roots.
planting amaryllis Then, water thoroughly and place in a warm room, avoiding direct sunlight.  Water a bit more frequently when the leaves start to grow and the plant sends up a flower.  The flowers can be top heavy, so you may need to support the plant with a stake.  If you don’t stake, you just might end up with an amaryllis suicide on your hands.
row of amaryllis Just a little preparation now, and you’ll be rewarded with a beautiful burst of color this winter.
amaryllisredlionhead2[1] Do you plant indoor bulbs?  What’s your favorite?

5 thoughts on “Fall To Do List: Plant Indoor Bulbs

  1. Oooh! Nice! I will definitely do this! Love gardening and I bet these will be beautiful inside too! Thanks for the tips.

  2. I have planted Amaryllis in the past but they have gotten so expensive that I haven't the last few years. I love the look of paperwhites but the stinky smell has kept me from plantingthose indoors!

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