Make a Placemat for Every Holiday

October 25, 2010
Holiday Placemats

It's so easy to make a placemat and who doesn’t love a little holiday color on their table?

I’m going to share an easy way to make a placemat out of coordinating fabric.  Through the years, I’ve made these placemats for just about every holiday.  I’ve even given them as gifts.    This is a photo-heavy tutorial, but once you get the hang of making the mitered corners, they really are a snap to make. 
Halloween Fabric

What You Need to Make a Placemat

To make a set of four placemats, you’ll need a yard each of two coordinating fabrics, as well as low-loft quilt batting.  I like Warm and Natural , but you could use any woven kind of batting that would hold up to repeated washing.   Before you start sewing, make sure you pre-wash your fabric. 

Cut your Fabric: 

For the Backing (The back piece wraps around the front to make the front border, so it needs to be bigger.):   Cut four pieces 16” x 20”.
For the Front Piece:  Cut four pieces 13” x 17”.   
For the Batting:  Cut four pieces 13” x 17”.   (You can save time by layering the front fabric with the batting and cutting them together.

Mark Fabric for Mitered Corners: 

Miter the CornerMark a 1.5”  by 1.5” square on the reverse side of the backing piece.  

Mark the mitered corner Next, using a ruler (a clear quilting ruler makes this super easy), extend the point of the square 45 degrees in each direction to the edges of the fabric.  Mark this line.  It will be the stitching line.
Last Miter MarkDraw another line 1/4” away from the first line toward the pointed corner.  This will be the cutting line.

Make a Placemat:  Stitch the Mitered Corners  

101021_0318 Fold each corner, right sides together, matching the stitching line, cutting line and edges of the marked square.  Pin in place. 

101021_0321 Stitch along the stitching line.  Backstitch only at the folded edge.  

101021_0322 Cut away the excess fabric along the cutting line using shears or a rotary cutter and mat.  Complete the above steps on all four corners of all four placemat backing pieces. 

Finished Miter Turn right side out and press.  You should end up with mitered corners that look like this.

Add the Front Fabric: 

Holiday PlacematLayer the front fabric and the batting pieces together.

Placemat Layers AssembledSlip the front/batting layer inside the mitered backing piece.  You may need to trim the edges of the front/batting a bit to make things fit perfectly.

Turn edges underTurn edges of the backing piece under approximately 1/4” and press. 

101021_0330Gently remove a few stitches at each corner to release about 1/4”.  Turn these edges under and press.

Edges Turned UnderTurned under edges should look like this.  You may have to fuss with the corner just a bit to get everything looking pretty.

101021_0332Pin all layers together, smoothing the top down flat, and making sure all the edges are neatly tucked in.

101021_0333 Topstitch close to edge. Look at that pretty miter! Once you finish one, you’ll see how easy it is to make a placemat, and you'll want to make a set for every season of the year! 

Festive Holiday Placemats Happy Fall!


  1. Thanks for the great tutorial. I've been sewing all my life and have never thought of making placemats in such an easy way. I'm definitely going to be trying this!

  2. Very pretty, Carolyn! I love this idea although I don't think I'd have the patience to do the mitering and setting up. Definitely a great gift idea, too!

  3. Great tutorial! Thanks for sharing.

  4. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the tutorial on mitered corners!!! I've always struggled with those!!
    Suzie @

  5. I like the tutorial too, but the first thing I noticed is that I have the same milk glass lace edged pedestal dish. :)

  6. I could kiss you for this tute because I had no idea how to do a mitered corner! Instead, I'll just say thank you. THANK YOU!

  7. Hello! I just made 2 of these with Christmas fabric I got on mad sale, and they turned out ok, but bunched quite a bit. I am wondering if the fabric is too thin? Would you suggest a thicker back fabric, the one I used is reeeaaallly thin and I think that might have been the problem.
    Thanks for the awesome tutorial!!


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