Back from Seattle

October 18, 2010

Seattle 068And back to reality!   We just got back from an anniversary trip to Seattle.  We spent a couple of relaxing kid-free days exploring this wonderful city. 
Seattle 008I could not believe the amazing selection of fresh seafood, produce and flowers at the Pike Place Market.   If I lived in Seattle, I’d be there every morning deciding what to make for dinner.    Seattle 011
Seattle 009 Seattle 010 A large bouquet of gorgeous flowers was only five dollars.   These pictures from my iPhone don’t do the colors justice.  Seattle 073Not far from the market, along Post Alley is the gum wall.  Yes, that’s chewing gum stuck to the wall, as far up as an arm can reach.   Seattle 051We took an underground city tour at Pioneer Square and learned about Seattle’s history.

Seattle 045 We had to pick up some coffee at the very first Starbucks store. 

Seattle 027This is the relaxed me, sitting outside for some afternoon refreshment.    Can you believe we had sun nearly the whole time we were there?  Just amazing.  We had a great 20th anniversary trip.  I’d definitely like to go back someday. 

Have you been any place special lately?


  1. Welcome back! I've lived in the Seattle area for nearly 11 years. It's a beautiful place isn't it? Pike's Place market is just lovely isn't it? One of my favorite things to do in the city. You could explore the building all day and never make it to all the little nooks and cranies. Glad you enjoyed your trip and that the weather held out for you!


  2. Isn't Seattle beautiful? I was there a few weeks ago visiting my daughter who just moved there with her husband and two daughters. I LOVED Pike Street Market. (I have some pictures on my blog.) The day we were there was beautiful. You could see Mt. Ranier clearly and it was about 70 degrees. It was HEAVEN! I can't wait to go back.

  3. Here's the direct link to my Seattle pictures! Very similar to yours!

  4. Wow, happy anniversary!! Beautiful photos! And the gum wall? Grossly cool :)


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