What’s your Tag Line?

September 24, 2010


I just started Darren Rowse’s series 31 Days to Build a Better Blog  (fyi:  that’s an affiliate link.)  The Day 1 assignment is to write a Tag Line and elevator pitch for your blog.  This task really got me thinking about what my blog is, and what I want it to be.  Like a lot of people, I started my blog on a whim.  I didn’t really know what I’d do with it, if anything.  I love to garden, so I originally thought it would be a gardening blog, hence the name, My Backyard Eden.   But what I’ve discovered is that I’m blogging about more than just gardening.

When I took a look at all my past posts and all the things I’m interested in, they all came down to creating and homemaking.   Pretty much everything I’ve blogged about has to do with crafting, cooking, sewing, baking, gardening, decorating, organizing, and making my house into a home. 

I’m trying to come up with a tag line that would make it obvious to a new reader what this blog is about.   My old tag line was “Surviving the Wilds of Suburbia”.  I thought it was clever at the time, but it really doesn’t describe what you’ll find here.  I would love to get your opinion on my new tag line.  It’s up there in my header.  I’m not 100% satisfied with it yet.  The word “homemaking” just doesn’t seem right to me, even though it is pretty descriptive of what I’ve got going on here. 

My Backyard Eden:  Where Creativity, Homemaking and Real Life Collide

Please let me know what you think!  I would really appreciate some constructive criticism.  If you have a blog, I’d also love to know what your Tag Line and elevator pitch is.   If you’re feeling really brave, link up and let’s help each other out!

What’s your Tag Line?

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    1. i like that!! it really embraces your blog and style. mine is "supermom in training"... while it might not be exactly what I want, it does embrace my life... trying to be many things... mom, wife, worker, crafter, blogger, etc. the "in training" refers to God training me to do these things well.

      i like your tagline!

    2. My tag line incorporates my blog name: Life is "Not Just Paper and Glue" it's a whole lot more. If you want to read my elevator pitch you can find it here: http://www.notjustpaperandglue.com/p/welcome.html It is similar to what you have described about your blog. Instead of using the word "collide" in your tag line, why not "meet"? It sounds a little "softer" - just a thought.

    3. i don't have a tagline, not even a catchy name - i wish i was more creative!

      i love yours and love the word collide in it! makes me think of that song from "so you think you can dance" this season!

    4. I like your new tagline.

      My taglines are:

      (1)New Horizon Reviews: A New Horizon of Reviews

      (2)Joyful Journey: A Joyful Journey about life, love, family, and friends

      As for an elevator pitch,
      I don't know what one is.

    5. I like your tag line. I truly think after looking your blog over it is very fitting(umm..by the way, Hi, new visitor here:).
      Mine is just a quote that me and the way I see things. Although it seems a bit popular in some circles, it is very me along with my unusual name. Its been the same for 4 years. I never put much thought into it. But your new line is very fitting for your place.


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