Master Bedroom Plate Wall

September 24, 2010

Master Bedroom Plate Wall I just finished installing some decorative plates above the bed in my master bedroom. 

Plate Wall I’ve been looking for something understated and pretty for this spot for a long time.

blue plate wall I love the way they add a nice but subtle touch of color.

DSC_0208   Want to see how I did it?

mismatched plates First, I collected a bunch of mismatched plates from Goodwill.  I was looking for a variety of sizes, shapes and textures. 

DSC_0178 Then, using Americana Gloss Enamel paint, I  painted them all out in a pale blue color.  I applied two thin coats.   On the glass plates I painted on the back side because the pattern was more pronounced on the back.   

ceramic painting Goodbye ugly palm tree!

DSC_0181 When the plates were all done and dry, they go into a 350 degree oven for 30 minutes to cure the paint.   Until I read Madigan Made’s  post on DIY cream ware, I had no idea that there was such a thing as bake on paint!

My Master Bedroom Plate Wall Do you see a face here?  I’m going to add a couple more plates because now that I can see the face, the face is all I can see.  It reminds me of  a clown, and I think clowns are scary.

What do you have hanging above your bed?  Nothing scary I hope! 

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  1. I LOVE this idea and am going to try it in our house SOMEWHERE (probably our bedroom)! YES I do see the face! I laughed out loud at this because in my brain, the clown's mouth is the tiny little plate in the middle (not sure what the other two on the side are supposed to be in my brain, oh well). So when I look at it, he looks like a clown who is SURPRISED! Haha...more funny than scary, but I know what you mean.
    I hung dark, navy blue curtains in our bedroom last year. I was lying in bed one night and determined that they looked like a funeral home from the 80's. They were nice curtains, but I just couldn't let it go. Needless to say, those curtains are gone. ;)


  2. Ooh. This looks so pretty! Love the color. I love the 'backwards' plates, too. They add more interest/dimension.

  3. Oh my gosh! I never thought of painting the plates! I'm gonna have to do this! Thanks for the tip! Your plates looks wonderful!

  4. Great job! It looks awesome! I need to work on my plate wall...I've been putting it off!

  5. Cute idea! Loving the color too :)

  6. This is awesome! I love how you painted them, the color is so pretty! Thanks for your visit!

  7. Awesome! Love the color too - what did you use?

  8. very nice! How are they hanging on the wall? Just curious because I need to hang some plates, but I don't want to use those metal hangers....

  9. The wall decor looks awesome! Nothing hanging above our bed. Hubby's concerned about safety. You really did an amazing job picking the sizes of the plates and painting them. Ugly, mismatched plates do have their use sometimes.

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