Craft Space Organization

I took a trip over to IKEA this week.  I got one of these:
60203_PE166207_S4[1] And some of these:

kassett boxes from ikeaAnd now instead of this:

Lots of stuff  
I have this:

Craft organization
Craft Space organized
Ahhhhh.  It feels so good to get something organized!  BTW, there was a HGTV crew at IKEA filming a segment in one of their kitchen vignettes.   Pretty fun to watch.  I wish I could tell you who the host was.  Iā€™m thinking maybe Lauren Lake of Spice Up My Kitchen, but Iā€™m not sure. 

What have you organized lately?

11 thoughts on “Craft Space Organization

  1. organized my kids toys… not as fun as organizing craft stuff. but right now, I don't have a craft space since we just moved into a pretty small house.

  2. I would LOVE to have a shelf like that and some boxes liket those…but stinky Ikea doesn't sell those online and the store is like 3-4 hours away. BOO! It looks great though!!

  3. Wait a minute! That is all the craft stuff you have? You need to let me know how you can keep your stash at a minimum. I am bursting at the seams. What you did looks so inviting. How cool to watch HGTV filming.

  4. I agree with Stephanie-it that all you have? I am needing some more of those ikea boxes. Guess I will just have to make a trip down there. Oh the things we do-the sacrifices that we make!

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