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August 25, 2010

Today, I’m playing along with Lindsey at the Pleated Poppy and all of her brave friends who share what they’ve been wearing all week.   I’ve been feeling kind of frumpy lately.   My foot’s been acting up so I haven’t been able to run and I just feel kind of old and worn out. 

Some of the gals that link up over at Lindsey’s place are so flippin’ cute!  The outfits and accessories they pull together are really inspired.  I’m hoping that by being accountable, I just might spiff myself up a little bit and pull myself out of this frumpy slump.    So here goes…..What I Wore

1.  Running Errands and Volunteering at School Registration
Baggy Capri's (Union Bay from Kohl’s)
Pink T-shirt (Target)  
Vest I swiped borrowed from my 11 year old (Old Navy)
Comfy Keen sandals :)

2.  Soccer Team Potluck BBQ Party
White Shorts (Levi’s from Kohl’s)
Braided Cloth Belt (Came with shorts)
T-Shirt I Embellished with Yo-Yo’s
Black Sandals (Clark’s)

3.  Last Minute Before-School-Starts Shopping
Grey T-Shirt (Old Navy)
Coral Cardigan (Super Clearance Rack at Target!!!)
Khaki Skort (Lee from Mervyn’s)
Brown Sandals (Rockport)

4.  First Day of School & a Few Hours at the Office
Grey T-Shirt (Gap)
Grey Slouchy Cardigan (Target – picked out by my 11 year old fashionista)
Denim Skirt (Talbot’s)
Black Sandals (Franco Sarto)

Well, that was easier than I thought!  I am definitely going to have to think a bit harder about what I wear.  And that’s not a bad thing!



  1. I love all your outfits, Carolyn! I love capris so I think your first outfit is my favorite, but I think I would be comfortable in any one of the four.

  2. I love that gray slouchy cardigan your 11-year-old picked!

  3. I really like the third outfit...I love blue and pink together! Thanks for sharing!!

  4. It all looks so great! I love the grey vest, super cute!

  5. I love that striped shirt, so fun! Very cute and well put together outfits! Thanks for the comment at my blog :)

  6. That's exactly why I decided to do this... now I have to put some effort into what I wear! Here's hoping it helps!

  7. You are, by NO MEANS, frumpy! :0)

  8. Cute cute cute outfits!! :o)
    You have such a fun sense of style!
    I hope you are having a nice weekend.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia

  9. I get in slumps all the time, especially when my kids are in school. I end up staying in my work out clothes all day, and I look pretty sad. I need to get out of that rut for sure! You've inspired me!! But, I have to be realistic so I'm committing to being cute 3 days a week. Baby steps!!!


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