Broom Closet Cleanup

August 5, 2010

Every time I opened up my kitchen broom closet, I saw this: 
Messy Closet.And then usually, this would happen:
Messy mess.Grrr.

So I made one of these:
Bag bagIt was so easy, I should have done it ages ago.  It took exactly 1/4 of a yard of fabric.  I just stitched a tube, added a casing and some elastic at the bottom, and sewed an easy handle.  It literally was 5 minutes sewing, tops. 

Now, when I open my kitchen broom closet, I see this:
Clean ClosetThen, I smile!  Hooray for the little things that make life easier!

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  1. That is what the best crafting is all about - making the things that are necessary and making them pretty.

  2. ha ha, i have two of those, which i did not make, but some crafter did from a craft fair i went to. i never thought i would have needed one, but aren't they perfect!

  3. Love it, Carolyn! I wish I had a broom closet for bags to fall out of so I could make one, but I use my main hall closet to hold my broom and duster.

  4. Good for you and great to see you again after so very long! I need one of these too! Hope all is well and hope you'll be back again soon, all the best!


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