Totally Random Tuesday

June 22, 2010

Meet my favorite hydrangea bush. 
DSC_0068 This little lady has been blooming faithfully for years now.
DSC_0077This year,  she had a surprise for me.

Can you see that every petal on this blossom head has a serrated edge with a little white center?  Kind of cool.

Nature is full of surprises.

What’s surprised you lately?


  1. She must be going through menopause!! Isn't that when most of us women decide to bring a little "serrated edge" to our lives! She's very pretty!

  2. The older I get the more I like hydrangeas. Do you know what variety this is? I have a red hydrangea and it is called "summertime lace." Happy Gardening!

  3. Beautiful! My hydrangea is enormous this year! She is covered in beautiful blooms!

  4. The flowers are beautiful!
    Well, my surprise today was to see a red tail hawk soaring in the sky. I don't see them too often, maybe 3 or 4 times a year. It was very majestic, and you couldn't miss that bright red tail, even hundreds of feet away!

  5. What a beauty Carolyn. Love hydrangeas. That looks like the Alpen Glow I have.

  6. Those flowers are gorgeous!!! I just love summer! Have a great week!


  7. That is wierd. The edges remind me of the edges on pinks.


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