Old Window = New Outdoor Art

“School’s out for summer!”  That song’s been playing in my head all weekend. 

After a busy couple of weeks of promotion activities at both elementary and middle school, I’m ready to finally have some time for me!  And that means crafting, sewing, and all that other fun stuff I’ve been missing out on lately.

I’ve been looking for something to fill in the large empty space of siding in my front courtyard.  I found this cool, old window at one of my favorite places for good, used stuff:  Urban Ore in Berkeley.   I got it cheap because it was missing a couple panes of glass.  It has wonderful, aged chippy paint.

Old Chippy Window
I screwed it into the wall and added an old planter box below.
Old Window - New Life
I love how it looks in the courtyard by my front door!

What have you repurposed lately?

17 thoughts on “Old Window = New Outdoor Art

  1. I love it. My sister in law had something similar in her bedroom when she was growing up. I love the look of it outside! What a gorgeous window box!

  2. Oh Wow I have an old window sitting in my garage with a couple of panes out and was wondering what I should do with it… originally I was going to knock out the rest of the glass and put a mirror behind it… But I'm really liking your idea! Did you knock out the rest of the glass or replace it or neither? (I couldn't tell from the photo) And also… on that last photo… Is that tree in the foreground a pineapple guava?


  3. The window looks nice. I'm about to help DD2 with a window project at her home. Just have to find the right pair first!
    Dropping by from Met Monday; 18ft Island Kitchen.


  4. It does look great. Very imaginative and cheery. You could put greenery in it for the holidays.

    What I've repurposed lately is a box that had held granola bars. I covered it with bird wrapping paper and cut off one side to make a holder for my husband's bird magazines that are small, the size of a Reader's Digest.

  5. Hi Carolyn…

    Ohhh…love your old chippy window turned into beautiful wall art for your front courtyard! Adding the window box and flowers was the icing on the cake! Sooo very pretty…it really gives that space the perfect "added interest"!!! Thank you for sharing it with us today for Met Monday!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design

  6. That's a brilliant idea. Something like that could also double as a trellis once all the glass is popped out. Which is just what I need – so thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Very cool! I've been wanting to decorate with an old window for a long time. I love how you used yours.
    I'd love for you to add this to my Weekend Warrior linky party on It's A Blog Party (my other blog) where everyday I host a different linky party! Sundays are for gardening!
    Thanks for sharing!

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