Let the Parade of Summer Squash Begin

June 20, 2010

The first zucchini of the season. 
First Zucchini of the Season

These were delicious.  I sautéed them in olive oil with some sun dried tomatoes. 

Patty Pan squash

Isn’t it funny that you can be so happy to see something at the beginning of a season?   I know that by the end of summer, I will have squash coming out my ears and all of my friends and neighbors will be tired of it too!

But for now, I’ll just enjoy the first squash of the season. 

What are you growing this summer? 

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  1. The squash looks GREAT! I am trying my hand at lettuce and green peppers for the first time this year, and already I feel like the lettuce is going to take over my entire garden:)

  2. my zuchini are just starting to bloom. I can't wait until I can pick them and start cooking with them. I have a list of recipies ready to go.

  3. It's so exciting seeing the first veggies of the season. I didn't do squash this year to save some space, but my peppers are slowly coming along and I've gotten a few cherry tomatoes so far.

  4. whoa whoa, my solution is to send some of those zucchinis to me! i think this is a strange question, but are those zucchinis in the ground or a container? i am growing a container eggplant and i have about 8 growing, a few probably as long as my hand. i am suuuper excited about these, b/c i didn't know you could even grow eggplant in a container! they are my substitute since i don't have the space for zucchini!

  5. YUM!!!! I love summer squash...just grilled some last weekend. I'm waiting for cooler weather to start my veggies. We'll see.

  6. I had a ton of squash last year but having huge problems with beetles and bugs this year :( I have one zucchini so far, only two good zucchini plants growing after planting a ton of seeds over and over (yucky beetles!)
    come say hi

  7. Your zucchini looks great. Check out this blog for controlling squash and zucchini in your garden. I have learned much from this blog.


  8. Ah, me too- I can't wait for the first zucchini (usually to grill it), then by September I don't want to see it anymore. :-) I guess that's eating seasonally for you. Thanks for sharing at the Tuesday Garden Party!


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