Bird Feeder Fix Up

I bought this bird feeder on clearance last year at Target.  I loved having it in my yard and the birds loved it, but it did not weather well.  Serious rust.
Rusty Bird FeederHere’s a close-up of the rusted nastiness.  Ick.
rusted metal bird feeder
Rusted metal bird feeder
While strolling through Wal Mart, I came across Rust-oleum Hammered Copper  spray paint.  The label says you can paint right over rust, so I thought it was worth a try. The results are gorgeous.  It really does look like a hammered copper finish.  I’m amazed.  It completely obliterated the rust.  It looks even better than when it was new. 

  The birds are happy again and so am I!

Have you painted anything lately?

17 thoughts on “Bird Feeder Fix Up

  1. It looks awesome! It drives me crazy how nothing is real copper anymore, but you definitely took a lemon and made lemonade!

  2. Wow! That looks great! I'm so glad you linked up at An Oregon Cottage. I've now added you to my favorites! Thanks for sharing…

  3. Very nice, Carolyn! I just filled my bird feeder, too. I'm always amazed at how they just find their way to the feeders. Maybe if I feed them more, they'll leave my rasberries alone. 🙂

  4. oh my goodness! I bought the same feeder and guess what? yes, it rusted something hideous. I absolutley love my birds that vistit my courtyard and so im so happy that you have helped me give life back to my favorite birdfeeder.thanks so much! love it!

  5. I've used the spray paint before. I can't figure out how it comes out of the can like that (it's magic), but it really does look like hammered metal.

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