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May 28, 2010

 Garden Grown Radishes
Well, almost instant.   I planted radish seeds around the first of May and they are deliciously ready.   Crisp, crunchy with a spicy little kick.  So good fresh out of the garden.  I’ll gobble these up in a heartbeat and throw the greens back in my compost heap.  

Along with these, we’ve also been enjoying fresh salad greens.

Have you harvested anything from your garden yet?

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  1. I can almost taste those!
    We haven't harvested anything yet, but looks like it will be a race between strawberries & beans. Unless I decide to dig up the horseradish root anytime soon.

  2. Your radishes look gorgeous! Nice harvest!

  3. I have harvested spring greens and made salads with them twice now. Those radishes would have tasted great on them as well. Feel free to stop by and see our garden at
    P.S. Did you see I awarded you a versatile blogger award? Love you blog and of course your linky party.

  4. How did you know when they were ready to be pulled up? I have trouble telling when the carrots are ready. Your radishes looked so fresh and pretty.

  5. I haven't harvested anything but I guess you have to plant one to get anything. We did finally get some tomato plants but that is all we are doing this year.

  6. Less than a month, and you're already harvesting the radishes! That must be record time. We've been eating a gazillion green beans over the past few weeks, and I've got jalapenos and a bell pepper that are screaming to be picked. Everything else is slow growing.

  7. That is so awesome! They look amazing (I bet they taste even better! Jealous!!)

  8. YUM!! fabulous picture!! I wish we had a spot to grow some cucumbers......

    Thanks for sharing and linking up!! Have a safe and fabulous weekend!

  9. those look amazing,, we're getting cucumbers and squash already,, no tomatoes yet though. Anxiously waiting for the peas and beans to be ready.

  10. These are fabulous! I didn't have time to plant anything this year! I'm so sad about it. Hoping next spring it won't be so busy. Ugh!

  11. oh those look yummy! I am so anxious to get tomatoes from my plants. New varieties this year that i have not tried before :)

    ~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"


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