Fabric Covered Push Pins

fabric covered push pins  
I love my new Idea Board, but I just wasn’t crazy about my plain push pins.   Digging in the back of my sewing machine drawer, I discovered a  Button Cover Kit.  Just what I needed to add a little color to my board.   So I grabbed some more scraps from my stash,  my plain thumbtacks and got started.
Make Fabric Covered Push Pins 
Using the template on the back of the package, I cut small circles of fabric.
Cut Fabric Circles
I used a pair of pliers to pull off the hook thingy on the back of the buttons.  They were easy to pull off. 
Button Cover Parts

The instructions on the package were easy to follow.Making Button Covers
Voila!  Instant button covers!
Fabric Button Covers
Then I just used a dab of hot glue to attach a plain thumb tack.
FAbric Covered Push Pins  
They add a happy pop of color!  Fabric Covered Push Pins

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  1. I was just looking at those fabric button making things yesterday at Walmart. What a great project. The push pins add such a punch of color to the cork-board. Thanks for sharing! I'm visiting from Tip junkie.

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