Yet Another Book Page Wreath

 book page wreath
If you haven’t seen these book page wreaths yet, you just may have been hibernating all winter.  I love books and reading and I honestly would shudder a little bit each time I’d see this project out in blog land.  I thought these wreaths were pretty, but I just couldn’t bring myself to rip up a perfectly good book.  I didn’t realize that they even sold books at the Dollar Store.   But last time I was there, I picked up one just for this project.

I followed Lindsay’s tutorial over at Living with Lindsay.  I still felt guilty ripping up this book, but I guess I’ll get over it.   I lost count at how many glue gun sticks I went through.  If you do this project, just make sure you have a large supply available!  I was surprised at how many pages it took to do this.  I used a hard cover book with about 400 pages and I pretty much used all of them. 

I wanted a  little more contrast so I lightly sprayed a little dark paint on the pages.
paint splattered book pages
I found this sweet little frame at the Dollar Store too.  I printed off our initial and affixed the whole thing in the center of the wreath.
book page wreath frame
Finished book page wreath
Book page wreath 
Did you notice those roses on the table?  I’m so happy it’s Spring here in Northern California.  This is a Joseph’s Coat climbing rose.  They bloom like crazy and you can neglect them like crazy too.  I actually forgot to prune this one last winter and it’s still blooming like gangbusters.   Gorgeous!

Joseph's Coat Roses

33 thoughts on “Yet Another Book Page Wreath

  1. I like your version too. The paint was a great idea and the little house frame with the monogram gave it an updated look.

  2. I remember the first time I saw one of these I just thought it was fabulous…so many possibilities! I love the way you used the frame and covered it with your initial [which by the way is mine too!] ♥ And I love, love roses…those are just fabulous.

    I'm visiting today from your link at Somewhat Simple for Strut Your Stuff Thursday.

    I hope you will drop by my place to see my fabric flower designs. ♥

    Have a wonderful Spring day…

    Stephanie ♥

  3. Great twist on the book wreath! it looks really pretty–and I hear ya on the whole "pains me to destroy a book" thing! i'm a bit of a book nazi–even with the kid's books! :0)

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  5. That is really cute! I love the dollar store, I can always find something great there.
    The frame with initial is super…will have to give that a try.

    Thanks you!

  6. I love your wreath the addition of the paint really gives it extra dimension and I love that birdhouse frame. I'll have to swing by my dollar store and see if they still have some.

  7. I absolutely LOVE your wreath!!! I am an English teacher, so this concept is a little disturbing to me. However, I actually thought about choosing one of my favorite books of all time (To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee) and memorializing it as a wreath. This way, I don't feel so guilty about desecrating a perfectly readable book. 🙂

    P.S. Your flowers are gorgeous! As I have a black thumb, a plant that can survive months of neglect is definitely the plant for me!!!

  8. I have not been hibernating and can't get enough of these wreaths. Ireally like the use of the bird house frame. Nice touch.

  9. I love this wreath. Yours is so pretty with the birdhouse frame. My last name begins with S, so I could just take that one. {GRIN!}

  10. I love your wreath…

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thursday! Please join me next week for another great party!

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