Starting Veggies from Seed

April 2, 2010

San Marzano is my favorite variety of plum tomato.  Super yummy.  Unfortunately, I usually can’t find them in the garden center.  So the last couple of years, I’ve been growing them from seed.  If you’ve never grown veggies from seed, it’s super easy.  Fun for kids too! san marzano plum tomatoes 
I use these little peat pellets along with a mini plastic greenhouse by Jiffy that I bought at Home Depot a few years ago.  They work great for starting seeds and you can use them year after year, you just need to purchase extra peat pellets when you run out.   The package comes with clear, easy to follow instructions.
jiffy peat pellets 
Once you’ve planted your seeds,  place your greenhouse in a warm location away from direct sunlight and wait a couple of days for nature to work its magic.
tomato sprout
san marzano tomato
It’s still amazing to me how such a tiny dried out seed can end up producing so much goodness.  I can almost taste those sun ripened summer tomatoes.

What’s your favorite variety of summer fruit or vegetable?

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  1. Starting seeds indoors gives me so much satisfaction. Love the freshness of vegetables straight from the garden.

  2. Hi Carolyn,
    My hubby and I were talking last week about trying to grow some tomatoes. I'm going to give this a try.

  3. Mmm, I can't wait for summer produce. I love the little cherry tomatoes, you can pop them in your mouth like candy!!
    And of course berries, fresh lettuce, cherries, and zucchini.

  4. I just happen to be growing that varitey this year. I've never tried them before. My favorites are squashes. Yum yum!!
    ☺ Celeste

  5. Came by to say hi from New Friend Friday. Would love for you to sail by and follow back. Happy Easter!

  6. yum! I wish I had a place to garden, but an apartment building and a 1 year old garden do not make! I love fresh fruits and veggies though!

    visiting from NFF

  7. I so wish I was a gardener but alas, I am not. This year I am not even going to try but your little seedlings are making me want to change my mind :) Thanks for stopping by.

  8. San Marzanos are my favorite too - They are the absolute best! Thanks for stopping by and becoming a follower - I really appreciate it!

  9. Hmmm....I always have bad luck with starting from seed. But I have never used a greenhouse before.

    Do you think it is too late to try now?


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