Make an Easy Ruffle

I learned to sew in Girl Scouts years ago.  I can’t even tell you how many ruffles I’ve made in my lifetime.  Here’s is a super easy technique.  I wish I’d known about this years ago.

Start with a strip of your favorite fabric.
ruffle a strip of fabric
Set your machine to the longest stitch length. Set Stitch length
Set your tension to the highest number. Set tension
Start sewing slowly.  You’ll notice the ruffle forming behind your presser foot.
Get ruffling!
Make sure you leave long thread ends at both the beginning and end, and don’t backstitch.  You can adjust these threads to get your ruffle to be just as ruffly as you prefer.
Leave long thread ends
Voila!  Automatic ruffles!
Make an Easy Ruffle
I love adding ruffles to things.  My kids and dog better keep moving!

26 thoughts on “Make an Easy Ruffle

  1. I love using this method to make a quick ruffle when I don't want to dig out my ruffler attachment. Works like a charm on fairly light fabrics!

  2. Carolyn, can you help me? You turned me on to Windows Live Writer (which I love, by the way), but I CANNOT figure out how to add code to my post! I know that you obviously know how to do that, since you have code in every "Make it Yours Day." I would really, really appreciate your help!

  3. Thanks SO much for this easy tutorial! I've tried a few other ways to do ruffles and just couldn't get them to look good, but this looks like something I can handle…even as a VERY new beginning sewer. Thanks again!

  4. Thanks for the tutorial. I am just learning to sew and would love to make a ruffled burlap runner for my DR table. What do you think? Can a newbie do this or am I setting myself up to fail?

    Partying with you tonight. Stop by…

  5. I have a new found love for ruffles. Thanks for the tutorial! I figured it probably wasn't hard, just wasn't quite sure how to do it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing @ Anything Related!

  6. Thanks so much. I've been sewing for 40 years and I still am amazed at what else I can learn. I had to try this right away, and it really is easy! Oh, boy, I think I might become a rufflin' fool!

  7. Oh My, read alot about making ruffles and NEVER ran across this easy method. Thanks for taking the time to share with others so sewing efforts can be successful!

  8. "I love adding ruffles to things. My kids and dog better keep moving!" LOL! Thanks so much for the easy tip! A lot of ruffle sewing is in my near future and I can not for the life of me figure out how to effectively use my ruffler attachment. SO glad I came across this technique on pinterest, it will definitely save me from a lot of headaches!

  9. I'm a seamstress and Girl Scout leader. So glad you got your start in Girl Scouts. You are an inspiration. Great post. I've made thousands of miles of ruffles and have not tried this. On my way to the studio…the dog might get a new ruffled collar…yipes!

  10. Found this on Pinterest and this has literally saved me HOURS! I'll never use elastic thread or other crazy methods again. Can't thank you enough for this!

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