Cute Patchwork Wristlet

I’ve been wanting to make a little wristlet purse for a while now.  You know, just a small little something to throw a few dollars and my ID in when I have a quick errand to run and don’t want to haul out my 10 pound purse. 

I have a ton of gorgeous fabric scraps left over from my daughter’s quilt.  (More on that later.  Nearly finished!)  So I went a searching and I found a great tutorial for a patchwork wristlet at Two Peas in a Pod.  This is an awesome tutorial with detailed  instructions and plenty of photos.   It was a perfect project to use up some of those fabric scraps.

patchwork wristlet 
patchwork wristlet

Easy Patchwork Wristlet

Off to pick up my daughter from practice.  Guess what’s around my wrist?

7 thoughts on “Cute Patchwork Wristlet

  1. That turned out fantastic! The fabrics you chose are perfect for spring/summer, and what a great way to use up extra bits of fabric.

  2. LOVE the colors! I think just carrying that cute little thing on my wrist would make me happy! I so don't sew but I may have to dust off the machine and give it a shot.

  3. I love this. Your picture caught my eye…whenever someone makes something with fabric I always check their blog first. Wow…this is so adorable…and I just had to look at the rest of your blog which is wonderful!!! What a great post! Have a
    blessed day!

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