Bathroom Vignette

April 28, 2010

Beth over at Stories of A to Z is hosting  her monthly “Ready, Set, Vignette” party.  Beth used to host a mantel party, and I always wanted to link up, but unfortunately I am mantelly challenged.  I seriously need a designer to come to my house and makeover my mantel.  But a vignette, I think I can do! 

When I redid our hall bathroom a few months ago, I added this old medicine cabinet.  The top is a perfect place to display things.  I don’t have to worry about them getting knocked over by my kids.

bathroom remodel  
I put together an unrelated group of objects, just because I liked them.  :)

my bathroom vignette 
An old sake bottle, because I liked the color.

Old Sake Bottle 
A couple of old bookends that I found in a box of my Grandma Mae’s things.  They’re holding up books that belonged to both my father and my father in law.

Old Books and Bookends
I love this water color my Mom brought me back from a trip to Florence.

Florence Watercolor
Finally, some dried hydrangeas from my yard, placed in a bargain vase I found at a discount store.

And there you have it:  my first vignette!  

bathroom vignette
Thanks for hosting Beth!


  1. I love how you have chosen things that make you smile when you look at them ;)

  2. Very pretty, Carolyn! I love the hydrangea and vase. I have hydrangea bushes myself and love to cut them to bring in the house at various times of the year.

  3. your bookends are so special..i love them. the balance of your vignette is very appealing & the collection of interesting all looks great!

  4. Your first vignette? I feel so honored! I just wrote on another blogger's post that I love vignettes that hold sentimental meaning. Love that you've used a bunch of items that mean something to you and displayed them in a beautiful way! That is what it is all about. Thanks for linking up!


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