Mod Podge Chord Chart

Our spare room/game room/guest room is the home of several resident guitars:  electric, acoustic and even a couple of Rock Band models.  My kids like to play around with them and up until recently, we’ve had a dog eared guitar chord poster thumb tacked to the wall.    

I found this long narrow frame up in the closet.  You can actually see how long it’s been hiding in there.  It was, ahem, a bit dusty. 
I  used my new friend, Mod Podge, along with some old sheet music, some scrapbook paper and some chords I printed off the internet to make a slightly better looking chord chart.  DSC_0019  DSC_0017

That Mod Podge is addicting stuff!

14 thoughts on “Mod Podge Chord Chart

  1. My husband is a professional guitarist – I think he would flip if I did something like this in our home! It's a good thing he doesn't read blogs or I would have an immediate project on my hands. 😉 It came out great!

  2. My husband too plays guitar. While away once I came back home to find the chair in the middle of the living room and a chord poster tacked to my wall. Well, needless to say this tacky new look did not stay. He would love it if it could… You solved the tacky problem though, a great idea! Joan

  3. This is great, Carolyn! I love this! Seeing this is making me kick myself, though, because I saw a wood cutting board shaped like a guitar at Goodwill this weekend. I picked it up and put it back down. That would be great for a project like this. Maybe I'll shoot back quick and see if they still have it this weekend.

    My son is interested in the guitar and has a few {including my old one from when I was a kid}. What a nice gift I could make adapting your idea to the wood guitar.

  4. I LOVE this idea. I've just started taking guitar lessons and need ALL the help I can get remembering chords. And the bonus is IT LOOKS GOOD!

  5. hi! you are one very creative lady! stopping by to say thanks for visiting my blog last friday. i really appreciate that. i am now following you. btw..i heart your header! very cool!

  6. I'm already thinking: I'm going to make this for my brother. He's a Guitarist (*ahem* Bartender) in LA and would love this. Great idea. 🙂

  7. Dang lady!!! You are soo creative!!! Thanks for linking this gem up to my party … I'M FEATURING this, come by and grab my button!!


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