Jute Vase

I’ve spent so much energy lately finishing up my bathroom makeover, that I’m kind of burned out.  I needed a little instant project gratification. 

Ceramic Vase 
I’ve had this heavy ceramic vase for a while now.  Never knew quite where to put it.  I really liked its colors, but I thought there was a little too much rust going on and it felt really bottom heavy to me.    I’ve been seeing so much jute in the catalogs and even out in blog land that I thought it was high time that I got in on the game.
jute vase supplies
All you need is some white glue and some jute twine.  You can get twine anywhere (grocery store, garden center, Wal-mart).  I suppose you could hot glue the twine down, but since I was initially unsure if I was going to like it, I wanted to make sure the twine would be easy to remove if I got a little fickle.

Apply glue and jute 
Just lay some glue down and wrap your twine.  Could not be any easier. 
 Jute wrapped vase     
Looks great on my mantel.  Perfect amount of instant gratification.  Now, I just have to rest up and gather my courage for my next project:  the den/guest room/sewing room/game room. 

Have you done any easy-peasy projects lately that gave you a little boost?

14 thoughts on “Jute Vase

  1. This looked like a really fun project! Thanks for sharing it. I think my daughter has some bottles like this that she might want to work on.

    I read about how you changed your blog writer. I have been wondering if it is only me that has been having problems with Blogger. It's almost impossible (and is impossible for me) to get the text in the right place next to the picture. When I'm doing tutorials, it's horrible and I have to finally just accept that the words are not going to coincide with the pictures. I haven't been happy about that. Are you able to put words where you want them? That would be my biggest concern. I see that you only have one sidebar and we now have 2 sidebars which I really like (you can put a lot of junk on the sides. ha ha Thanks so much for any help/input you can give. Linda

  2. This turned out great. Very Very Pretty.

    Thanks for joining Get Your Craft on Thurs. Please join me next week for another great party.

  3. That turned out really good. Makes it one of kind with the added jute.

    I especially like with the sticks.
    I recently saw both Jute and packages of decorative Sticks at Dollar General. I couldn't believe they had the sticks of all things!

    nice touch.

  4. Love it! Such a great idea to hide the rust and show the nice top portion! Thanks so much for linking up at Craft schooling Sunday, I'm so happy to have you as a regular! Have a great week! Sara

  5. I love this project, and how you roped the jute just part of the way…very cool! Thanks for sharing and for linkin' up to Ff!

  6. It's really impressive how it turned out. It is a versatile, natural fiber that has been used for thousands of years to make things such as rope, twine, hessian bags, rugs, and much more.

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