What Would You Do With an Extra $100?

February 2, 2010

Extra $100?

Kodak and JuiceBoxJungle have sponsored me to share what I'd do with a extra $100 if someone handed it to me next month.

Hmmm....I would love go out and get a pedicure.  I haven't treated myself in SO long.  But the reality is my car needs to be serviced, so it would probably go towards that.  Sexy, huh?

Just last week I had to buy printer ink for my middle schooler.  Our schools around here are really strapped for cash, so we've been asked to print more and more things at home.  Assignments, workbooks, homework pages, you name it.  We have a cheap printer, but you really get hammered when you have to buy ink.  I think I spent around $70 for two ink cartridges.  That was definitely an expense I hadn't planned on.   (I could have had three pedicures with that $70!!!)

Kodak has come up with a line of printers that use more fairly priced ink cartridges.  I've seen these Kodak printers on TV and am curious about them.  Now, I think I will really check them out.  I'll have a middle schooler and high schooler next year.  I can only imagine how much ink we'll be blowing through.

I'd love to know if any of you have tried the Kodak printers, and if so, what you think about them.  If you click on the Kodak link there's a calculator that can show you how much you could save on ink if you switched to a Kodak printer.  I was pretty amazed by the results for my particular printer and situation.   If you click on the JuiceBox at the right you can find out more about Kodak printers.

So,  what would you do if someone handed you an extra $100?   I hope it's not boring like car maintenance...


  1. You can take your used ink cartridges to Staples and Office Max, and they will either refill them for a fraction of the cost of new cartridges, or give you a discount for recycling them. Just thought I'd share!

  2. Man! $100 !!!

    I have been on a very strict budget since my husband took a 70% pay cut when he changed jobs. As in ... we have not bought anything but groceries, and those only with coupons or on sale, since Christmas.

    Sooooo ... I'd take that $100 and buy me a new pair of jeans and a pair of nice house shoes. And I'd hope that I had just enough to go out for dinner too. With him of course. Since he has not bought anything either :)

  3. Well this is a fun thought! I guess I'd buy one of those great pairs of Italian leather heels I keep stalking on ebay. Not very sensible nor garden oriented, but what the hey!

    Christine in Alaska

  4. Since my husband has been out of work almost a year strict budget doesn't being to say how tight money is. $100
    I would get my hair cut and colored
    and a manicure if there was enough money left.
    Here is another person that uses the refilled cartridges.

  5. So...I hate to be a party pooper...but we had a Kodak printer. And then it stopped working. So we returned it for another one. And then it had issues too, so we returned that one. Yes, I have personally owned 3 Kodak printers with in a matter of 6 months, each of them giving us major issues and/or stopping being able to print at some point either from all computers or just from one computer that it worked on previously but then all of the sudden, it didn't.

    Both my hubby and I are VERY computer and technically savvy and we just could not keep a Kodak printer working for more then a couple of months. It was a completely miserable experience. I am glad YOU got sponsered by Kodak...not me...I couldn't have given an honest good opinion about the printers.

    Anyway, we bought a Kodak printer because we thought we could save on ink. And we did. When we had a printer that worked.

    Hope I didn't rain on anyone's parade but I thought I would share my experience with their printers. We went through 3 before we finally gave up, we were so intent on saving money on ink we kept returning it for another one, even upgrading to the next best printer each time, but the all went bad very very quickly.

    Maybe someone else out there had a good experience with them. For us, we will never buy again since we had such a bad experience.

    But good luck! Maybe one will work better for you!

  6. My printer has been out of ink forever.


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