When Bad Things Happen to Good Plants

January 17, 2010

Remember the post I did on my three amaryllis plants ?  I have some sad, sad news.  We were out all day at a soccer tournament and returned to this:

 Poor Pipsqueak

Poor, poor Pipsqueak.  He just couldn’t take this cold, cruel world anymore.  He crept up to the edge of the ledge, and he jumped.

hallbathroom 071 
Let’s take a moment to remember Pipsqueak in all his beautiful glory.  

hallbathroom 074

On a happier note, Runt is finally blooming! 

Runt finally blooms

Winter is barely here, and I’m already ready for Spring.


  1. haha, that made me giggle. Sorry you're a flower down now :/

  2. Sorry pipsqeak took a dive. The blooms are lovely

    Please come sign up for our $50 giveaway. Fun Fun Fun!


  3. Farewell, Pipsqueak! We'll miss you!

  4. So sorry, I am sure it will be missed, but just remember all the good times you had. Love this post, made me laugh. So I was just over at Starting over entering the contest and saw your lovely face there and gues what I collect? Milk glass and jadeite, great minds really are alike. Have a great day.

    Cha Cha

  5. My little blooming friend finally committed suicide, right into my kitchen sink.

    (moment of silence)

    Go Runt!

  6. I'm desperately seeking spring too. I can't wait to get out and start babying my berry plants. I'm a hovering mother, lol.

    That was a very pretty flower though. I have yet to plant an amaryllis but maybe next winter. As long as their cat safe. ;)


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