Field Trip – Urban Ore

January 14, 2010

I took a trip this week out to Urban Ore in Berkeley.  I’ve been looking for some interesting items for my redecorated bathroom and thought I might find some inspiration.

Urban Ore, Berkeley CA
Part junkyard, part thrift store, part recycling center, the store has an amazing selection of odd old things ready to be reused.   It’s a big drafty warehouse with an adjoining outdoor lot full of stuff.   It’s fun to just walk around and look at everything.  Along with some wonderful vintage finds, there are piles and piles of cast off, but still reusable items.  Need a yellow tub and matching toilet?  They have that:

For your next remodel?

Row upon row, aisle upon aisle of used goods.  You never know what you’ll find.  Here are a few more photos from my trip: 

 Door plates blue sinks
clawfoot tubs    Doors, lots of doors 
       light fixtures Sofa
box of hinges    Pink dogs are not for sale :(

I did find a couple of things.

Medicine Cabinet
This old medicine cabinet came home with me.   It’s going to find a new life in my bathroom.  Stay tuned!


  1. Great info! I can't wait to go and check them out myself. Thank you for posting the info, and great pictures!

  2. I've always wanted to go there. Thank you for reminding me!

  3. This place will have to be a stop on my list next time we are out in CA maybe we could meet up. I just relized I wasn't following your blog. Duh, what a big dummy I am, so glad your loving the PW cookbook still, what is for favorite so far?
    Cha Cha

  4. We have something kind of similar here!

  5. That looks like an awesome place! A little to far away for me to check it out though :-( Looking forward to seeing what you do with your find. Thank you for the nice comment on my closet craft room. Have a great weekend.

  6. This is my kind of place! I want the need to go back and get them for me! I love them; they need a wee scrub but other than that.... ;O)

  7. What a neat place! Can't wait to see the medicine cabinet makeover :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have enjoyed looking through yours :)

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