Easy Burlap Holiday Table Runner

November 30, 2009

thanksgiving 030

I just made this super easy table runner from some burlap I had lurking in my craft closet. If your table is round, is it still called a table runner? Maybe a table circle? Hmmm..

round burlap table runner

I cut my burlap into a circle the size I wanted.

thanksgiving 018I added a decorative stitch about 1 inch from the edge. I can’t resist using my sewing machine every chance I get. thanksgiving 024

I sketched out some holly leaves and berries on freezer paper and stenciled them on 5 places around the perimeter. For an easy freezer paper stencil tutorial, click here.

stenciled holly

Easy and cute!

burlap table runner holiday

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  1. Oh Goodness, I love this and I may copy it! I am loving Burlap right now! Beautiful Job!

  2. The table "runner" looks great. I love the detail of the stitching and stenciling!

  3. I love cute and easy! Thanks for sharing!
    Living it up at Lakewood,

  4. Sew cute!!! Corny I know. I love it though. I'm gonna attempt to do this for my round table. Thanks for sharing!

  5. OH' HOW I LOVE THIS SO MUCH! so cute!!!

  6. Turned out so cute! I love that you did a round one.

  7. love burlap and my mom has a round table I need to do something with, so this is perfect. Where are you in No Cal? Anywhere near Placerville?

  8. Oooo...I love this! Thanks for the great idea.

  9. It's fun to see one that's round. I have a round dining table as well - may have to copy! :-) Great job.

    pk @ Room Remix

  10. I love it! I have an oval table, and I don't really like rectangular runners, so I'll give this a try, thanks!

  11. How simple and sweet! I'm thinking of the same thing in a rectangle place mat, and the kids could help! Thanks for sharing. I've posted a link on childmade.com

  12. That turned out really cute! I love anything made of burlap. Thanks for sharing,

  13. adorable! I love everything burlap!

  14. This is so clever and easy. I have an idea for a round table runner too-I was afraid this was it, phew, it's not. :)

  15. Love that it is round- something different. Beautiful. Thanks for Sharing


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